Thursday, June 21, 2007

Grand Rapids Children's Museum

Grandma Linda, Katherine, Sebastian, and myself spent several hours on Thursday, June 14th at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. We had a great time playing and learning together.

Playing in the sand

Grocery shopping

Grocery checkout with mom

Sebastian & Grandma

Katherine & Sebastian


Katherine at Work

Sebastian at Work

Katherine gone fishin'

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Play Ground

One evening after dinner the kids and I went with their Papa Verne up at an elementary school play ground. Take a look at the fun...

Papa & Sebastian


Sebastian, Katherine, Papa, and the dinosaur


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Cottage

Linda Kenney's parents, John & Donna Klein, own a cottage and the kids and I spent Monday there. Katherine and Sebastian enjoyed being able to play with John and Donna's granddaughters, Bella and Sophia.

Bella, Sophia, Katherine, & Sebastian

Bella & Katherine squirting water at each other

Sophia, Bella, Sebastian & Katherine

Sebastian cleaning the dock

Sebastian with the water hose

Monday, June 18, 2007

Start of Adventure Week

People say "A picture is worth a thousand words" so here...

Katherine & Mom (Debra) riding the carrousel at Grapevine Mills

Katherine in her new swim suit

Cutest kids in the world sleeping!

Kids playing at DFW

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Change of Plans

Hello from Grand Rapids, Michigan! Our week plan changed a little bit as Dean was unable to fly to DFW to pick up Katherine and Sebastian. So on Sunday morning I boarded the plane with Katherine and Sebastian to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we are having a great time. The kids were thrilled to see Papa Verne and Grandma Linda at the airport. As we came down the corridor the kids spotted their grandparents and they took off running. Katherine ran straight towards Grandma and Sebastian right to Papa. I, of course, was left behind carrying our luggage! What a precious site to see them all together and happy.

The kids were just as thrilled when we arrived at the house to see their Uncle Scott and Aunt Julia. Uncle Scott really wanted to come to the airport, but since I was along there wasn't room. (Sorry Scott!)

We are having a great time, and I will post more on our activities later when I can add pictures as well.

By the way, Wes is having a great, but busy time in San Antonio. He will be driving home Thursday.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Adventure Week for The Kenney's

Over the next week my blogging will be slower than normal. In about twelve hours Wes, the kids, and myself will head to Dallas to begin what we all hope will be a wonderful and smooth transition for the week ahead. Katherine and Sebastian are to fly with their Uncle Dean to Grand Rapids, Michigan Sunday morning where Katherine & Sebastian will spend the next several days with Papa Verne and Grandma Linda. Once Wes and I see that they are on their way to Michigan we will begin our travel to San Antonio, Texas for the Southern Baptist Convention. Wes and I will spend Sunday evening through Wednesday night there in San Antonio before heading back to Dallas where I will get on a plane to Grand Rapids. I will spend a day or so there before the kids and I fly back to Texas where someone will pick us up! Whew, it will be a week of adventure for us all! See ya in a week or so!!!!

Surprise by Mail

Our family received a really cool surprise yesterday in the mail. We received a package from Jim Whitaker (better known as my Uncle James). We were a bit puzzled because we certainly weren't expecting anything and wondering what this could be. When we opened the package we found a large book full of family photos. My uncle took pictures I'd emailed him and many off this blog, and he had them printed and bound together in this wonderful book of memories. We were blown away. Wes, Katherine, Sebastian, and myself sat on the couch and looked through the book. My uncle even had it inscribed to us on the second page. What a great idea and a treasured gift!

*Thank you Uncle James. We love it!!!!

**Update: This terrific book of photo memories was created through My Publisher Photobooks.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Friday's Adventure

Wes and I took seven students to Six Flags over Texas on Friday. There was one student who had never rode a roller coast and another who had only rode small coasters, so the very first coaster ride for the day was the Titan. To brake David, the one who had never rode a coaster, in right he and Wes rode in the front seat. We followed the Titan with The Texas Giant and then Mr. Freeze. The seven students we took on this trip were great and we had a blast!!! The lines couldn't have been any better and the weather turned out perfect! All in all we had an absolute wonderful time. The only draw back is I have a few sore leg muscles today.