Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Evening of fellowship

On Monday evening our family invited Diana Miller and Arline and Josh Williams over for dinner. We enjoyed a great meal prepared by my wonderful husband. We also enjoyed great conversation. My kids had fun playing and entertaining Josh. Josh is great with Katherine and Sebastian. He would make a wonderful babysitter except his grandparents (Nelson & Virginia Camp) like to keep that position! :-) It was a wonderful time of fellowship with friends.

Sebastian & Katherine riding their horse.
Josh Williams playing the part of the horse.

Cozy Coupe & Kids

This week has brought wonderful weather, and the kids and I have enjoyed spending the afternoons playing outside. Katherine pushes Sebastian around in his cozy coupe (a birthday present from Papa and Grandma).

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back into the Blog World

The Kenney family is still alive and well. After posting most all of the vacation pictures I slacked off, so please find it in your heart to forgive me! :-)

Returning from a wonderful vacation in January, we adapted to life at home again. We stayed busy moving Ruby Lee Smith, Wes' grandmother, to Hugo, Oklahoma to be closer to her daughter, Cynthia. During the move we were able to reconnect with Dan & Sara Posthuma, Wes' aunt & uncle.

The month of January also brought some unwanted weather to Oklahoma. In Valliant, we only saw rain and light snow, but other parts of Oklahoma received terrible snow and ice damage. Katherine and Sebastian awoke to a light dusting of snow one morning, but by mid-morning it was all gone. Katherine had hopes for building a snowman. No such luck this year!

The month of February has flown by as well. Our family didn't do much for Valentine's Day since it was on a Wednesday. Wes was busy getting ready for the monthly church business meeting, and also preparing to leave town the next day. Wes attended the Baptist Identity Conference at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee February 15th, 16th, & 17th. The kids and I kept busy at home.

There will be more updates and fun pictures of the kids to come. Keep checking in.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Flying Experience #2

While in Smithville, Ohio, Wes and Katherine were treated to a ride in my Uncle Charles' airplane. This flight was Katherine's second time flying with Uncle Charles while it was Wes' first. They spent about 45 minutes up in the air and Wes loved every minute of it. Apparently, Katherine became a little bored and almost fell asleep.