Monday, August 30, 2010

Kindergarten & 3rd Grade

Last Monday was Sebastian's first day of Kindergarten and Katherine's first day of 3rd Grade.  We had a blast!  Our first week went great, and we're looking forward to another exciting week. 

*Our homeschool morning calendar board came from Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1.  Check these two great blogs for homeschool ideas. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Katherine's 8th Birthday

It's kind of hard to believe that my precious first born is eight.  This year she had the opportunity to celebrate her birthday early on several occasions.  While at Disney World in June she celebrated by having dinner with Cinderella & Friends.  She celebrated again a few days before her birthday while in Michigan with a birthday dinner with Papa Verne, Grandma, Uncle Scott, Aunt Julia, and the rest of us.  On Monday, August 9th, our family was traveling to Muskogee where she was able to see Grandpa & Grandma Banks.  Later that afternoon, after we were back home, she was thrilled to have Uncle Dean visit.  She closed out her day with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Michigan Fun

We had a terrific time in Michigan with Verne & Linda Kenney and Julia & Scott Peterson.  We did a variety of activities, but most of all we enjoyed being with family.

We LOVED the cooler temperature and took advantage of being able to be outside to enjoy as much of it as we could.  We shared as many meals outside as we could get in during our week's stay.  It was a pleasant surprise to enjoy morning coffee and doughnuts on our first morning in Grand Rapids outside on the deck while over looking the river outback of Verne & Linda's home.  Linda and the kids got up and brought Starbucks drinks and Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the house that morning while letting Wes & I sleep.  A perfect way to start our week of vacation!

Later that same day Verne arrived home and he took us for ride in his boat on the river.  The kids absolutely loved riding in the boat.  Later in the day they rode in the boat with Uncle Scott driving, and the kids decided Uncle Scott was more fun (even though Scott had his shirt off & Sebastian thought that was weird).  The highlight of the day for Katherine came that evening around dinner when Aunt Julia arrived.  It had been at least two years since we'd seen Julia, and Katherine couldn't wait to see her Aunt Julia!  The rest of us were happy to see her too, but no one was happier than Katherine.

On Saturday Wes and his dad, Verne, played a round of golf together.  They were able to do this several times during our stay, and I was very excited for them to have such an opportunity to be together.

Before we traveled north to the condo in Ludington, we visited the Grand Rapids Children's Museum where we had a blast playing (yes, the adults too).  After leaving the museum we said our goodbyes to Uncle Scott & Aunt Julia, as they were not coming to the condo with us and headed north to Ludington.  We spent several days in Ludington and enjoyed watching the Badger come in and out of port every day.  The kids would race to the balcony when they heard the S.S. Badger's horn blow.  We played at the city park right outside the condo at least once everyday , and enjoyed our lunch & dinners out on the balcony.  We walked around town and had ice cream at the House of Flavors.  We spent an afternoon at the beach and swam in Lake Michigan.  Wes and I were even able to have a couple hours alone together one day and enjoy some time shopping in Pentwater, Michigan, while we were staying in Ludington.  On the last day in Ludington Wes and the kids visited the the Sandcastle Children's Museum and had a great time while I cleaned the condo.

We headed back to Grand Rapids on Wednesday where we celebrated Katherine's 8th birthday, and to our surprise Aunt Julia was able to get off work and be there with us.  It was a wonderful celebration with Papa Verne, Grandma, Aunt Julia, & Uncle Scott.

On Thursday we spent the afternoon at the Grand Rapids County Club swimming pool visiting with great grandparents, John & Donna Klein, and two of their other grandkids, Bella & Sophia.  Later that evening Grandma watched the kids so Wes & I were able to go out on a dinner date on our last night in Grand Rapids.  It was sweet!

We started our last day on vacation much like our first day of vacation with Krispy Kreme doughnuts before heading back to the house to get our things packed for our flight home that evening.

We said our goodbyes to Uncle Scott & Grandma and drove off to the airport. Wes dropped the kids and I off at the terminal while he went to return the rental car and it was at that point I noticed that my phone was still at his parents house! (I thought it was time for our trip to have a little drama!)  As soon as Wes met up with us (and I could use his phone) I called Linda and she was able to bring us my phone!  Whew!  We made it on the plane and all was good.  We arrived at DFW at 11pm, and we were all so tired we thought it best to spend the night in a hotel instead of making the three hour drive home.  All was good until breakfast the next morning when Katherine decided to add her show of coming home excitement by getting sick.  Well, we were officially NOT on vacation anymore, but that was okay.

Our trip was awesome and we had a blast being together as a family.  Thank you Verne, Linda, Scott, Julia, John, Donna, Bella, and Sophia for making our vacation so incredible!  We love all of you and are looking forward to time with you on our next visit!

Here are some of our highlights....Enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Pictures

For the last year & a half I have wanted an elliptical. I used one at the physical therapist clinic and loved it. Well, I finally ordered myself one, and it arrived while we were on vacation in Michigan. Thankfully I was called before it arrived at my home and was able to tell the man delivering it where to leave it since I wasn't home. Anyway, my wonderful husband put it together for me the day we arrived home. He's awesome and it wasn't an easy task.

I've used that thing three times since coming home from vacation, and I love the work out I get. I haven't made it the full 30 minutes yet, but I'll get there.

Katherine and Sebastian enjoying their Dr Peppers while we wait for Wes to finish our shopping at Central Market.

At the end of January our family added a golden retriever puppy to our family. Unfortunately that puppy had health issues, and we had to put it to sleep. At that time we already knew we would be receiving another puppy later in the summer. Well, last Sunday night we welcomed this adorable puppy to our home...

I couldn't help but close out this very random post without another picture of my two favorite kiddo's. Wes took this earlier tonight after they had fallen asleep.

Don't you just want to kiss those precious checks?
Oh how Wes and I love them so!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coming Up for Air

I wanted to check in to let everyone know we're back home, but we've ALL been sick since getting home. Katherine was the first one to get sick and since then someone else has been sick, even my brother, Dean, who came up Monday for Katherine's birthday. Thankfully Monday was the only day no one felt ill.

Once we're all back to normal I'll write more about our vacation and Katherine's birthday.