Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crazy Summer Fun Photos

Katherine and Sebastian enjoying watermelon on the back porch.

Katherine with her diving sticks. She's learned to swim underwater this summer.

More watermelon! And isn't he too cute?

Always ready for a pose!

Mom's little astronauts.

Having fun!

"Hurry up mom and take the picture"

Sebastian enjoying a piece of watermelon during the Valliant Watermelon Festival in July.

Katherine enjoying watermelon during the Watermelon Festival.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy Summer (Part Six)

During the last week of June I was busy catching up on laundry and housework; Wes was getting back into work; Katherine was attending Outrigger Island vacation bible school at First Baptist Church, Valliant; and Sebastian was enjoying being home and playing with his toys.

On Wednesday, July 2nd, the kids and I drove to my brother's apartment in Arlington, Texas. On Thursday, July 3rd, my brother, Dean, took us to DFW where we met up with my dad. My dad, Katherine, Sebastian, and I flew to Cleveland, Ohio and then drove to Smithville, Ohio, to my dad's eldest brother's house. We were there for the Jentes Family reunion taking place on Saturday, July 5th.

Katherine & Uncle Dean at the airport

Sebastian at the airport play area

My Uncle Charles, my dad's eldest brother, took us flying in his Mooney. Katherine always loves this and Sebastian always passes on this opportunity. My uncle asked "Who wants to go flying?" and Sebastian's response "I do, but not with you!"

Katherine getting into Uncle Charles' plane

"Ready to go"

Looking out the window while flying over Wooster & Smithville, Ohio

The Jentes family reunion was held at Earl & Robin Jentes' farm. It was a beautiful day to gather with family. The kids enjoyed some swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and other various activities.

Sebastian is pulling the wagon

On Monday we drove back to the airport in Cleveland to fly back to Dallas. Dean picked us up at the airport, and we spent the night at his apartment.

Sebastian sleeping on the plane ride home next to his grandpa

Katherine asleep on mom's lap!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crazy Summer (Part Five)

Around 35 hours after arriving home from our two week vacation the four of us piled back into the van and headed north to meet grandparents and Uncle Billy Banks at the lake. We were celebrating Sebastian's 3 1/2 birthday.

You maybe wondering why we would celebrate a half birthday, but it is because Sebastian has the good fortune to have been born on December 21st. Wes and I thought of this idea when Sebastian asked if he could have his birthday party with grandma and grandpa Banks at the lake like we do with Katherine. Now, let me explain that since Katherine was two we have celebrated hers and Wes' birthday (their birthdays are Aug.1st & 9th) with grandpa Roy & grandma Faye Banks at the lake.

Uncle Billy and Sebastian

Uncle Billy and Katherine

Sebastian and grandma

Wes & Sebastian

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy Summer (Part Four)

We packed up our things into the van on Wednesday morning(June 18th) and began our trek home. After a day of being in the van, Wes and I decided to treat the kids to a night in a hotel. Now during our week and half vacation the kids had not done too much swimming, because it had been rather cool to be in the water. We decided wherever we stayed the night HAD to have a pool where the kids could swim. We found the perfect place with the perfect set up.

Wes and I had our room and the kids were in an adjoining room. The kids adjoining room was complete with a couch, table, microwave, TV, refrigerator, and two double beds.

Katherine and Sebastian thought having their own room was the coolest thing ever. They decided they were going to have their own little pajama party. I think Katherine originally said "no parents allowed", but she did let me hang out with them while Wes went to the store. We arrived early enough that we had plenty of time to swim. The pool was enclosed, but at the end of the building so it was actually open 24 hours. (I thought that was cool.) We did some swimming before dinner, after dinner, and even some before we checked out the next day. It was great!

We arrived home late Thursday night, and we were glad to be home.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Crazy Summer (Part Three)

After saying our goodbyes to family we drove back to the condo in Ludington where we would spend the next several days. We spent our time relaxing and playing with our kids.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Crazy Summer (Part Two)

Wes and I spent Sunday, June 8th through Wednesday, June 11th in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the Southern Baptist Convention and Pastor's Conference. We had an enjoyable time and learned a lot. I am appreciative that I was able to join Wes this year and will be looking forward to attending the convention in 2009.

On Thursday, June 12th, Wes and I drove to Ludington, Michigan where we met up with our kids. While we were enjoying the convention our kids were being spoiled by Papa Verne and Grandma Linda Kenney in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We were to met them in Grand Rapids, but Wes and I had made a few stops on our way up to Michigan and were running a little later than planned. The grandparents and kids drove up to the grandparents' condo in Ludington, where we finally met up with them.

That night a thunderstorm brought rain and flooding to the area.
Friday afternoon we went for a drive around Ludington and surveyed some of the flooding. Later that evening we took a walk to the beach and out to the lighthouse. It was a little chilly and rather windy too!

On Saturday morning we headed back to Grand Rapids, because Katherine & Sebastian's Uncle Scott had a baseball game. That afternoon Wes and I took the kids to Millennium Park where they had a great time playing in the water.

Sunday was Father's Day and it was great to be with Wes' dad, Verne, this year. We joined the rest of the Klein family at John & Donna Klein's cottage where we spent the afternoon celebrating.

After enjoying the day with family it was time for Wes, Katherine, Sebastian, and I to say goodbye.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Our Crazy Summer (Part One)

The month of May ended with many activities. Katherine finished Kindergarten at Swink School and had her first dance recital. All of us ended the month at our church's one day vacation bible school where we had fun learning what Jesus has done for us through bible stories, skits, music, crafts, and some fun games as well.

Our family continued keeping busy the first week of June getting ready for the Southern Baptist Convention and our family vacation to follow. On Thursday, June 5th, Wes, Katherine, Sebastian, and I began our two week vacation. We drove to Little Rock, Arkansas, where we stayed the night at my sister's apartment and took her out to dinner for her birthday. On Friday, after eating breakfast at Krispy Kreme dougnuts and dropping a dozen doughnuts off for my sister to share at work, we began our drive to Franklin, Tenneesse.

On our way to Franklin we made a few stops. We stopped in Memphis and visited Mud Island before having lunch at Corky's. We drove through the campus of Union University to view the progress of rebuilding from tornado damage several months before.

We spent the night in Franklin, Tennessee at the home of Dan & Sara Posthuma (Wes' aunt and uncle). We enjoyed an evening out with Dan and Sara at a small cafe' in downtown Franklin. The next morning we once again began our day's drive with a visit to Krispy Kreme.
Our destination on Saturday was Indianapolis, Indiana. We did finally arrive late that night after stopping to see some friends in Kentucky; eating dinner at The Brown County Inn; being rerouted because of flooding; and enduring a whole set of events from having our van's transmission go out. The highlight for the kids that day was the taxi ride we took from the Walmart parking lot, where our van sat, to the airport to get a rental car. We were rather exhausted by the time we made it to our hotel.

On Sunday morning instead of attending church with some friends we were busy making arrangements for our van to be towed to a repair shop.

Finally we were back on track with our plans. Katherine and Sebastian were very excited to met their Papa Verne Kenney for lunch. After lunch Wes and I said goodbye to Katherine, Sebastian, and Wes' dad, and they drove off for Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wes and I then checked into our hotel for the Southern Baptist Convention.