Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Outing

Not long ago on a nice spring day our family took a short trip together. Here are some photos of our day...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Guest

It was a great to have one of my favorite father's-in-law visit on Friday even though he had to leave early Saturday afternoon. We all wish it could have been longer, but the time we had together was excellent.

Papa Verne giving Katherine a golf lesson.

K&S at the playground at Swink Public School.

Playing at the Valliant City Park.

Papa Verne and his oldest grandkids in front of where we enjoyed lunch.

Friday, March 06, 2009

A Bedtime Prayer

The kids have been very excited, because my dad (i.e. Grandpa Homer) is staying with us while he is working northwest of Valliant for several weeks. The kids love getting to hang out with their grandpa. They really love that grandpa brought his 4-wheeler with him for work, but of course, he gives the kids rides on it when he's home before dark! Katherine and Sebastian get along wonderfully with my dad, and it is a joy for me to watch them all together.

Now my dad has his little quirks like all of us do, and the kids certainly enjoy pointing those little things out to him. It's actually funny since it's usually the same things I pointed out to my dad when I was little. I guess some things never change! Anyways, when I told Sebastian that grandpa would be staying with us he remarked " I love grandpa, but he's crazy!" We both laughed about it.

So Wes was tucking Sebastian into bed the other night, and they were going to pray. Here's how one of the prayers went and I'll let you guess which one said it...

Dear God, thank you for...You and um, Me...My dad...And my mom, grandpa, and Uncle Dean; even though, they're crazy!"

I sure do LOVE him!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sebastian's Adventure

On Friday, February 20th, Wes and Sebastian traveled to the Dallas Auto Show, where Sebastian would have one of the best days ever! Sebastian LOVES anything with wheels.

Sebastian's first adventure that day was riding the Dallas Transit Train from Plano to downtown Dallas. He was SO EXCITED!!!!

Now onto the best part of the day for Sebastian.

(King Ranch edition)

Sebastian's favorite for the day. I believe this vehicle also had a camo 4 wheeler with it. No wonder it was his favorite! :-)

Mommy's favorite. I love to see that logo and my son in the same picture!

I believe Wes wore this precious little man out. Wow, what a day!