Saturday, April 28, 2007

VBS Clinic 2007

As my faithful readers already know (all three of you), I was a part of the VBS clinic held at First Baptist Church in Antlers, Oklahoma last Saturday. This clinic is hosted by Frisco Baptist Association for the purpose of allowing churches to bring their vacation bible school workers for training. Those in attendance are exposed to the new vbs material; teaching techniques; ministry tools; decorating suggestions; craft, recreation, & game ideas; and various other topics. The goal is to prepare teachers and workers to present the gospel of Christ to the children attending vbs this summer.

The clinic began at 9 AM with an opening rally introducing the VBS Team before moving into the traditional vbs worship rally complete with flags & pledges. Then it was time to attend session one: Basic Training. The following classes were offered:
VBS Directors
1st & 2nd Grade Bible Study
3rd & 4th Grade Bible Study
5th & 6th Grade VBX
Spanish VBS

Session Two offered Enrichment Courses:
The ABC's of Becoming a Christian (How to counsel a child)
Decoration Ideas
Overview of Pre-School & Kindergarten Rotations
Overview of 1st-6th Grade Rotations
Scoring BIG with VBS Prospects
Spring Training for Rookie Teachers

Rounding out the clinic was time to visit the bookstore and tour the different class rooms. The leaders remained in their classroom to answer any questions.

I was the leader for the 3's-Pre-K during session one & two. I did my best to provide those attending this class all the information I could concerning information about teaching preschoolers. I talked about the basic concepts of how preschoolers learn and respond along with some of their characteristics. I went over the vbs materials for this year, and I talked about the activities suggested within the material. I discussed how I decorated the room and pointed out decorations should not over power a preschool room. I reminded them decorations are nice, but decorations are not why we do vbs. It is easy to get excited with the theme and forget the importance of the bible stories presented each day. I shared ways to repeat the bible truths during music, recreation, snacks, crafts, and not just during the bible story and mission times. I pray I conveyed the importance of showing God's love and teaching Jesus' story to preschool children through out every word and activity done.

The lessons I try to teach are good reminder lessons to myself. I may have been the "leader", but those in my sessions also shared some good lessons and ideas with me. I praise God He allows me the opportunity to participate in this great ministry.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Katherine's the Winner!

Recently the kids were playing together rather roughly, and Wes raised the following question "Which one will visit the emergency room first?" At that time Wes and I decided it would be Sebastian; however, we figured if Katherine was the first one to visit the ER it would most definitely be because of Sebastian.

Let's start the story here...Yesterday afternoon Sebastian was peacefully taking a nap while Katherine was in the kitchen coloring. I was busy paying some bills and doing other household chores. Around ten till 3pm I hear footsteps coming down the hall and Sebastian enters the living room. Katherine and I greet him as he crawls up into my lap asking for a drink. Just then Katherine comes back into the living room and tells me she has a bead up her nose. After my not so calm reaction of "WHAT?", I told her to sit down so I could take a look. Sure enough there was a small brown bead in the left nostril. Now, earlier in the day she had found two small beads that she and I had missed picking up after a bracelet broke. I figured she threw these in the trash like we did with the other beads we had picked up. I was incorrect!

I did my best to remain calm and try to get Katherine to blow the bead out, but my comment not to breathe in through her nose started her crying. I made the decision that I was not getting this bead out without some assistance, so it was time to head to the ER. (For those of you wondering where my husband was during all this...he was umpiring a baseball game.)

At this point, I become stressed trying to keep Katherine calm while getting us ready to go. Sebastian needed a new diaper, shorts, and shoes while Katherine changed out of her play dance outfit. I really would have taken her in the dance outfit, but changing provided her with something to do other than cry! During all the madness I did manage to find someone who could take care of Sebastian while Katherine and I made our little trip. It really didn't take long to actually get out the door, but it seemed like forever.

I took Katherine to McCurtain County Memorial in Idabel, Oklahoma. We spent over three hours there for a procedure that actually took less than a minute. Katherine did great in the ER, and I am so thankful our first visit wasn't a more serious one.

(By the way, a hospital can be a great place to play I SPY.)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Got it done!

Whew! It has been a busy last couple weeks; however, I have accomplished two very important projects. I finished painting the new church highway signs to be posted off highway 70 at either end of Valliant. This project look a long time to complete, but the finished product is a wonderful tool for Trinity Baptist Church. (By the way, my husband came up with this good idea for new highway signs at the edge of town and promptly volunteered me to paint the lettering. Isn't he such a sweetheart?)

My other major project has been working on the associational vacation bible school team. This group of men and women from churches across our association assemble to put on a clinic to help prepare vbs teachers and workers for the precious opportunity to touch children's lives with the truth that Jesus loves them. Our church association does a terrific job putting on this clinic every year. I am humbled to be a part of it!

For those you who would like to hear more about the vbs clinic hang in there. I will post more about my preparations and the clinic a little later.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ladies Retreat

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Oklahoma Baptist Ladies Retreat at Falls Creek in Davis, Oklahoma. Jami Smith led the music worship and Priscilla Shirer was the keynote speaker. Breakout sessions were offered three times through out the retreat and lead by various women from Oklahoma Baptist Churches.

God began speaking and dealing with me on Friday night as the first prayer was prayed, and He continued to reveal the good and the bad area's of my life during each session. I was broken and humbled. It is my desire to worship Him; walk in a more intimate relationship with Him; serve Him; and lead others to Him in a way I've never done before.

Three other women from my church attended the retreat as well. The four us came home with funny stories of things that happened to us along the way and deep spiritual blessings!

"Thank you God!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Celebration

The Kenney's enjoyed a wonderful Easter Day celebrating our Risen Lord & Savior. We pray you did as well.

Katherine is pictured with Baler Bain.

Sebastian is pictured with Averie Bain.

The Bain and Kenney children play together in their respective classes waiting for their other friends to arrive.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Caldwell Zoo

This morning my dad and I took the kids to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas. To my surprize, this was the first time my dad had ever been to the Caldwell Zoo. I had been several times on school trips, and once or twice as an adult. We had a nice time together. I forgot to take my camera, so don't look for any pictures of the kids at the zoo! Wes couldn't believe I forgot the camera either!!! Sorry!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Family Outing to Paris

Saturday morning, March 31st, our family made a trip to Paris, Texas to visit the newly opened Starbucks. During this trip Katherine received her very own Starbucks travel mug filled with hot chocolate. She is excited to have a mug like her mom and dad. As you can see, she enjoyed the hot chocolate topped with whip cream and chocolate syrup. Don't ask how she managed to get the chocolate on the bridge of her nose.