Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finished Project

Katherine and Sebastian absolutely love their completed swing set & play house. They're having a blast.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Building Project

It was a busy day around our house yesterday as Katherine and Sebastian's swing set was being built in our backyard. This project only took seven hours to complete (with a few minor adjustments this morning) and four adults. Actually, it was two adults working really hard and two more helping with kids and minor building tasks.

Sebastian looks back to make sure he doesn't miss anything while Katherine poses for the picture. Nelson Camp & Wes busy working and reading the instructions.

"Where does it go again?"
(Wes & Nelson)

Wes, Nelson, and Virginia hard at work.

On the home stretch!!!!
Katherine and Sebastian wait patiently.

Katherine and Sebastian enjoy the slide while Nelson, Virginia, Wes and I work to complete the set.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Nelson & Virginia Camp for helping us get this massive thing together!!!!!! Wes and I couldn't have done it without you.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Each day there is so much for me to be thankful for. I have a place to live; food to eat; clothes to wear; and a wonderful family. Many days I take what I have for granted. I tend to focus on the things I don't have instead of all the things God has blessed me with. Much of the time I fail to even say thank you to God for the daily blessings he provides and yet He continues to provide.

God has provided for my family in ways I could have never imagined recently. He has used people's generosity to remind me how awsome He is, and how life isn't about me. It's is all about His love. I am so grateful for God's faithfulness even when I am so unfaithful.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sebastian bedtime story

There are nights when Sebastian is so sleepy he will come and tell Wes or I he's tired. Then there are other nights when he isn't interested in going to sleep and certainly not in his bed. Last week he had one of those nights where he wasn't interested in sleep. Wes did Sebastian's bedtime routine while I did the same with Katherine. Several minutes later Sebastian was up, so Wes put him back in bed. After Sebastian getting out of bed a couple times, Wes and I thought Sebastian was finally down for the night. We then headed to our room, but soon after here came Sebastian. This time Sebastian's approach was different...Now, he wanted to lay in our bed! I took him back to his room. About five minutes later I heard his door open again, so I headed to his room and found him going into Katherine's room. Once again I put him back in his bed. I was hopeful this would be the last time, because I was seeing he was getting tired. I waited outside his bedroom for several minutes making sure he didn't get up. I decided he was probably going to sleep, so I went back to my room.

Wes and I were up for a while longer watching TV. Before I went to sleep I decided to go check on Sebastian. As I approached the kids rooms, I noticed Katherine's door was open. I found Sebastian sleeping in Katherine's bed with her and Dora.

Aren't they precious? Wes and I love them so much!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wes at Work

On Monday night Wes was umpiring the Valliant vs. Idabel game. Wes worked behind the plate during the first game, which lasted for nine innings. The kids and I arrived late during the first game, and I took a few pictures. Here's Wes working hard.

(Sorry about the fence view)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Deb's Take

For those of you who read Reason for the Hope, this is my take on Back in the Saddle Again.

When Wes and I married he enjoyed umpiring baseball, and it was also a part-time profession for him. During our first year of marriage he umpired spring ball in Michigan before accepting a professional position umpiring in an independent minor league. Wes chose not to return to professional umpiring after our first year of marriage, because he and I were apart much of the time. (Just a note here...this was his decision not mine.) Wes continued to umpire college games in Michigan and Texas before God changed Wes' direction, along with mine!

After ten years, Wes the umpire is back! Many things in our lives have changed since then, but the excitement in his eyes when he's packing his umpiring bag is still the same. He enjoys it and that makes me very happy.

Please join me in prayer that God will use Wes in a new way on the baseball field.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Surprise Visit

This weekend Wes, the kids, and I received a surprise visit from Jim & Wanda Stevenson. They are from Wynnewood, and Wanda was in our choir there. Jim & Wanda were on their way to Wright City (about 10 miles from Valliant) to visit family when they realized they were driving right by our house, so they decided to stop and see us. It was a pleasure to welcome them in our home,and we certainly enjoyed the visit. It is always nice to reconnect with friends.

Speaking of reonnecting with friends, the kids and I had the opportunity to connect with friends Sunday. We attended church with Steve & Evonne Gardner at Union Hill Baptist Church, where Steve is the pastor. That afternoon Katherine and Sebastian enjoyed playing with Evonne outside in the sand while I took a nap. We headed to Sulfur, Oklahoma to visit with Tiffani Jolly early evening. After a short visit with her, the kids and I stopped by First Baptist Church Wynnewood to see Luan Adams and a few others. We had a great time, and everyone enjoyed seeing how much the kids had grown.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Playing in the Sand

Katherine and Sebastian love to be outside. It breaks Sebastian's little heart for him to have to come inside, so this week of nice spring weather has been terrific. Their favorite activity at our house has been playing in the sand; however, the highlight of their week was going to Nelson & Virginia Camp's Wednesday and spending the night. The kids enjoyed riding the 4-wheelers, playing in a dirt pile, and eating a banana split before bedtime. They are having a fun filled week. (I enjoyed the break this week too! )