Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

NYC Shopper & Green Lantern

Vacation Recap

 Here is a picture of Katherine, Sebastian, and Wes in the cockpit of the FedEx plane at the Memphis Children's Museum.

As we drove through Indianapolis, IN, we decided to stop at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
We took a lap around the racetrack....

Sebastian came to a conclusion...

"Dad, this track is on Gran Turismo Five...I didn't know it was a real track!"

Finally in Michigan, our vacation destination, we met up with extended family for brunch at a beach house in Grand Haven overlooking Lake Michigan.
We walked along the beach, roasted marshmallows to make smores, and enjoyed reconnecting with family, some of which we hadn't seen in nine years.
We left Grand Haven to spend a few days in Lundington, MI.

After the four of us spent several days hangin' out in Lundington, we headed to Grand Rapids.
Wes and Verne enjoying a nice father/ son moment before dinner.

Before we headed home the kids and I visited the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. 
Katherine & Sebastian love visiting children's museums, and I enjoy watching them use their imaginations. 

This last picture is taken at a rest area where we stopped to let the kids run around and burn off some energy before another round of driving home to Texas.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deb's Random iPhone Photos

Katherine & Sebastian enjoying a special treat.  Wes must have been out of town! :-)
One of my favorite summertime photos.  Sebastian & his Grandpa Roy Banks.
What can I say? It's Toy Story Mania at the Kenney's!

Kenney Academy classroom clock

That is TOO HOT!

Wes's office at TBC before I packed it up

Pioneer Sebastian & Katherine

Enjoying the Northeast Texas Children's Museum in Commerce, Texas.

The DART bus that almost hit us that day

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

September Recap

~ 3rd...Debra's 39th birthday.
~ 4th...Wes preached at First Baptist Church, Farmersville, Texas.
~ 5th...Labor Day was spent packing, packing, packing, and well, packing.
~ 6th is official move day...Loaded the UHAUL.
~ 7th...Unload in Hurst, TX.
~ 8th...Back in Valliant, OK, to paint.
~10th.... Back in Hurst, TX, to begin unpacking.
~13th... Visited the Northeast Texas Children's Museum in Commerce, TX, on our way back to Valliant to finish the cleaning of our old residence.
~14th.... Finished cleaning and picked up our dog (George) & cat (Bob) before heading to our new home in Hurst.
~15th...Unpacking Continues...
~19th... Kenney Academy is back in session.
~ Beginning to adjust to our new home and life.
~27th...Vacation begins...  :-)

As you can see most of the month of September was spent packing, unpacking, and getting settled into our new home.  Wes, the kids, and I are making friends, and we've begun visiting churches in the Fort Worth area to find a church home.

We spent the last week of September and first week of October on vacation and as soon as I get my pictures uploaded I'll post about our vacation adventures.