Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Haircut

Today was an important day in Sebastian's life. He received his first offical haircut. I had been trimming the length in the back for several months, but it was now long on top and needed professional attention.

First, I must tell you that I am not known for being sentimental. (I know for some of you this will be a great shock!) My husband is the more sentimental one. For this reason, he insisted that Sebastian have is haircut at a particular barber shop. I would have been perfectly happy to have it cut where Katherine and I get our hair cut or at the local barber in Valliant. However, I indulged my husband's wishes.

My husband, Wes, had his very first haircut at the local barber shop in Wright City, Oklahoma. We currently live about ten miles from this barber shop, and so we took Sebastian to the same barber shop. Sebastian probably sat in the same chair where Wes sat during his first haircut.

Sebastian received his "First Haircut Certificate" filled out by Johnny Wilson of Slaters Barber Shop in Wright City, Oklahoma.

Weekend Fun in Texas

Katherine and Sebastian enjoyed spending time with their grandpa in Texas a couple weeks ago. Wes, the kids, and I went to Longview, Texas on a Thursday evening and spent some time with my dad. My dad watched Katherine and Sebastian while Wes and I enjoyed dinner out Thursday night. On Friday my dad took the kids to Toys'R'Us then out for lunch at Chuckie Cheeses. Katherine and Sebastian were spoiled, and their grandpa didn't mind a bit! All of us enjoyed the time together.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pastor Appreciation

October is pastor appreciation month for churches. Our church held a dinner honoring Wes yesterday after our morning worship services. Dean Cummings, a deacon of the church, presented Wes with a wonderful card of appreciation and financial gift. Wes, the kids, and I are truly blessed with a wonderful and caring church family.

To those members who actually read my blog..."Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Being apart of you has truly blessed my life and my family's. Wes, Katherine, Sebastian, and I love you and appreciate you so much."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The fall festival

This evening I took Katherine and Sebastian over to the Idabel fall festival. The festival was held downtown and was a free event. There were booths set up with games for the kids and candy. The most important part of a festival in their minds! However, they didn't actually receive much candy, because they didn't want to wait in line!!! They did manage to wait in line for the two inflatable games. Katherine did the obstacle course, and they played and jumped in the bounce machine.

Katherine dressed up as Winnie-the-Pooh and Sebastian as a bumble bee. They were too cute! (I didn't take pictures, but I will later.)

One of the funniest things that happened was when a lady standing behind us commented to her young son "Look, there's Pooh." Katherine turned around and said "I'm a kid; not Pooh."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

First Picture

I have been looking back through pictures and decided to share one of the earliest pictures of Katherine and Sebastian together. Katherine still leans over to give him hugs and kisses. However, he sometimes pushes her away.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Comments are Welcome

A mistake was made during the set up of my blogger account that didn't allow anyone who wasn't a member to leave comments. This problem has been fixed, so you may now tell me how precious, cute, and adorable my children are. I really would welcome any comments you have.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bed, Car, & Both Kids

Katherine had to be in a picture too!

Bed, Car, & Sebastian

This morning I was doing some internet searching as well as posting on my blog when Katherine calls my attention to Sebastain. The picture you see is what I saw. Yes, he is sitting on a toy car on top of my bed!

The Ride

Katherine has mastered pulling Sebastian in the wagon. Katherine's thrilled and Sebastian isn't too sure about it! They are cute, aren't they?

Busy Week

Last week was a busy week for Wes, the kids, and myself. As you already know, it started with the trip to the emergency room. On Tuesday the four of us spent the afternoon and evening at the First Baptist Church in Hugo for the associational annual meeting. We all had a wonderful time there. Wednesday was our monthly church dinner and business meeting, plus Wes spent part of the day meeting with a family in our church planning a funeral. Then on Thursday, Wes and I each had things to do to prepare for the funeral on Friday. I also was trying to get my house clean and myself packed for a weekend retreat. Friday morning was the funeral at our church, where I sang and Wes preached. As soon as the funeral was over, I bolted home to change clothes and tell the kids "good-bye", so I could attend a minister's wife retreat in Oklahoma City. I arrived back home around 7:30 PM on Saturday only to begin getting ready for Sunday! Wow, what a week for us!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sebastian vs Mom

In the early hours Sunday morning, Sebastian began to have a hard time sleeping. He awoke and got out of bed several times. On one occasion I found him getting into the pantry. Apparently he was hungry. After putting him in bed several times, I decided to lay him down next to me in bed. Not too long after this, I rolled over to check on him and met his finger with my left eye!

Later that morning I realized my eye was very sensitive to light and my vision was blurred. I awoke Wes and we decided I should see a doctor. After Wes made arrangements for the church service and the kids, we drove to Paris, Texas to the emergency room. As it turned out, I have scratch on my cornea.

It is now three days later, and I am much better. I still feel the scratch on my eye, but the "gold" eye drops I've been taking really help. I am so blessed that all is well.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Game Day Success

After an afternoon of important football, I am relieved to say both of the Texas teams I wanted to win came out on top! I will admit that the Jayhawks out played the Aggies most of the game, and I do have sympathy for them. However, I am still pleased with the out come. I am also glad my husband was studying over at the church instead of watching the game with me. There were several stressful and frustrating moments for me as I watched the game. I experienced some frustration with the 0U vs UT score at half time, but the beginning of the third quarter took care of that for me! All in all it was great day in college football....at least in my house!

Game Day

Today is another great College Football Saturday! As I have said before, I am an Aggie fan. Now most true Aggie fans would never under any circumstances cheer for the Texas Longhorns. However, I have lived too close to Norman and met too many Sooner fans to ever cheer for them. Today is the Red River Shootout... Texas vs. Oklahoma and I, an Aggie fan, will cheer for the Longhorns! The Aggies suffered a loss to another Texas team last week and now face my husbands favorite team, the Kansas Jayhawks. Wes and I will be on opposing sides for this one, but I have a feeling he will come out the winner. Oh well, that's life. By the end of the day Wes and I will be united in our feelings for 0U. (that is a zero, not an O) :-)

Friday, October 06, 2006


Pictured above is Baler Bain, Sebastian, and Katherine playing in our living room. Yesterday Raeli Jo and Ryan Frunk were over playing with Katherine and Sebastian. Friends are such blessings!

Music Moments

Katherine and Sebastian have been exposed to music since before they were born. Katherine has been singing since she learned to speak. She loves it. Sebastian is just getting where he is interested in singing. When we're in the van, I usually have a Veggie Tales or other music CD playing. Katherine is always singing along and just recently Sebastian has begun to sing. He sounds so cute. He gets about every other word in whatever song is playing. I just love to listen to them sing while I'm driving down the road. Even more precious is the truth of God's love they're learning from the songs they're singing. Music can be such a powerful force in our lives. I am so thankful my children show a love for music and are learning about God is the process of enjoying music.