Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Swimming Fun

Here is Katherine and Sebastian having fun in Grandpa's pool.

Picture of Kate

My goal in starting THE KENNEY NEWS was so friends and family could read about Katherine and Sebastian's daily activities and view pictures of them. I know many of our friends and family love seeing pictures, so this is why I am always posting pictures of the kids. Another reason is that I think Katherine and Sebastian are the cutest children in the world. Sorry if some of you parents disagree!

I do hope Katherine and Sebastian's smiling faces bring you a smile when you open this site. They bring many smiles to me.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bedtime Routine

Wes and I decided when we moved Katherine from her baby crib into her toddler bed at about 18 months old that we would do our best to establish a regular bedtime routine. For Katherine's first Christmas her Aunt Julia and Uncle Scott had given her the book Goodnight Moon. Wes and I began tucking her into bed, reading Goodnight Moon, and saying a prayer with her. It wasn't too long before she could quote every word of Goodnight Moon along with praying with us. Her prayers were as follows: "Dear God, Thank you for my mom, my dad, and my George."(George was our golden retriever) We still continue this bedtime routine even though she has outgrown her toddler bed and now request other more grown up books. However, the prayer hasn't changed all that much. She now quotes: "Dear God, Thank you for my mom, my dad, my George, and my brother." We no longer have George, but that doesn't stop Katherine from praying for him. She has begun to pray for her friends just recently too. The first time she prayed for all the friends in her Sunday School class and their siblings, I just melted. It really touched my heart! I am so proud that my daughter wants to pray for the people she loves.

We have started reading Goodnight Moon to Sebastian now as we tuck him into bed. Katherine loves to help, and it really has brought back memories of our time with her. I know it won't be long until Sebastian is quoting every word of the book also. He already starts saying "moon" and pointing to the book after his bedtime bath. I know it won't be long until I am writing about Sebastian praying for his friends. Wow!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sebastian Moments

Being a mom is most wonderful job in whole world! However, there are days that those precious children can and do drive me crazy! Read on and Enjoy.

Sebastian is my sweet and loving little boy. When you pick him up he will usually lay his head on your shoulder and give you a hug. Sometimes he will rub or pat your back too. He will crawl up and sit in my lap, and I deeply cherish these times. When Sebastian wakes up in the mornings he will come into my room and sweetly say "momma". It is such a precious little voice! He will nod his head yes and say "uha" while running into the kitchen when I ask him if he wants breakfast. At times he will stop playing and come into the kitchen and just smile at me before heading back to play. These are all precious moments, and I try to tuck them away in my memory.

Sebastian has accomplished the challenge of opening doors. He can open all the doors in our house including the pantry door. More than once Sebastian has decided he was hungry and gotten into the pantry dumping whatever he was eating onto the kitchen floor. So far I have vacuumed cheerios, kix, rice chex, and nilla wafers up. Sebastian also loves to climb. Apparently, the dining room table looked like a good challenge for him, and he accomplished it. My very accomplished son loves to take baths. I discovered that he can climb into the bath tub on his own. He was sitting in the bath tub with a couple bath toys and his shampoo bottle. He was attempting to shampoo his hair. Needless to say, he did get his wish for a bath!

As I look back on these moments and tuck them away into my memory, I realize what a wonderful gift I have been given in being Katherine and Sebastian's mom. There are days when everything flows wonderfully and others where I wonder if I will make through the next hour, but I would not trade being a stay at home for anything. I am very blessed to have Katherine and Sebastian and oh how I love them so!!!

A Summer Evening

Last Thursday while Wes and I were in Tulsa the high reached to 116 degrees. That is just hot! Katherine and Sebastian love to play outside, but it has been so hot that we have been staying inside. We do spend some time outside in the evening, but it usually still in the 90's and sometimes in the 100's. On Monday evening it was really hot, and Wes put up the water slide. Sebastian and Katherine enjoyed being outside and getting wet! They had a blast and were then wore out for bed! A plus for all! :-)

Monday, August 14, 2006

More birthday?

On Friday, August 11th the kids and I celebrated Katherine's birthday with her grandma, grandpa, and uncle in Muskogee. Katherine had a blast opening more presents and eating even more birthday cake! Grandpa and grandma also have a pool which Katherine and Sebastian love. We decided not to go to the lake on this trip, but we still spent plenty of time in the water! We all had a wonderful time visiting and celebrating with Katherine!

I think this was the last birthday party for Katherine until next year! Three a year seems pretty good to me!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kate's Day

Today is my precious girl's 4th birthday. Katherine had a party with several of her friends last Saturday, and today she has celebrated with her mom, dad, and Sebastian. She has spent the day playing with some of her new birthday presents. She will again celebrate her birthday this weekend with her grandparents and uncle in Muskgoee, Oklahoma. She is very excited to be four, and she's loving all the parties!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Arctic Edge Highlights

Highlights of Vacation Bible School at Trinity Baptist Church in Valliant, Oklahoma.

Birthday Flashback

Tuesday, August 1st was a big day in our house....Wes had a birthday! I decided to remind him of a childhood memory. The kids and I gave him an atari flashback! Yes, you can go back to the 80's!! The "new" atari flashback comes loaded with several games. I watched as my husband sat on the floor with his children on either side of him playing his new atari. All three were glued to the TV! It was a sight!
For those of you who might not remember the atari, please don't tell Wes. It will just make him feel older!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

VBS Week

The last week has kept Wes, the kids, and I very busy. We had vacation bible school Monday through Friday at our church from 6-8:45pm. There were not as many children as we would have liked, but those that did attend had great time! We closed out the week Sunday night with Parents Night. I was worried that no one would show up for the parents night, but I was pleasently surprised. There was probably only one or two kids who did not return. The week ended very well.