Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Starts busy!

It is hard to believe January 2011 is almost over.  This month has been full of activities for our family and I haven't had the time to blog about all the things we've been doing.

New Year's day started with my normal activities of cleaning and laundry.  Later our family watched part of the Rose Parade and of course, we watched the college football bowl games.   That evening I began putting together school lesson plans for the upcoming week and laminating our January calendar items.  It was another normal Saturday with the exception that I was also preparing for Wes and I to be gone for a week while my dad stayed at our home with the kids.

My dad arrived on Monday, January 3rd, and I did my best to  update him on the kids school schedule and a few other things. Later that afternoon Wes & I headed off to Dallas, where we would spend the night before flying out of DFW early Tuesday morning to New York for a week! (More to come about our trip in another post.)

After a wonderful week in New York I arrived home only to hit the ground running!  Thankfully on the first day home the only thing (besides recuperating from the shock of seeing the state of my home) was our normal Wednesday night Kid Zone at church.  The next day I was still in cleaning mode while trying to accomplish school lessons before taking Sebastian to the doctor for his well child check up.  We left the doctor's office to go pick up our dog, who had been boarded while we were on vacation, and then a dog training lesson.  Wes, the kids, and the dog headed for home after the lesson while I drove to Fort Worth to attend a VBS preview event for two days. 

The next week I began to try to get back into our normal routine, even though I was still cleaning up from the week I had been gone.  There were only two appointments during the week, and we were preparing for a busy weekend since our church had revival services scheduled staring on Friday night with Dr. Ergun Caner.

Friday morning the kids and I attended our homeschool group meeting before meeting up with Wes for lunch. We ran a few errands then finished a couple last minute details concerning our revival.  The kids and I returned home for about 45 minutes before we were out the door again to Katherine's basketball practice.  Upon returning from basketball practice Katherine & I got snacks ready to take to her girl scout troop meeting and dropped those off before getting ready to attend the church service. 

On Saturday Katherine played her first upward basketball game.  It was great.  Her team is the Polar Bears and she is number 5.  (More to come in another post all about basketball.)  After the game we headed back home to rest and get ready for the evening service at church. 

Sunday we enjoyed another service with Dr. Caner and then awonderful fellowship meal.  The day concluded with the last evening service and a dessert fellowship.  The weekend services were absolutely wonderful, and we were all tired by the end of the weekend! What a week followed by an awesome, but BUSY weekend!

This last week has been the slowest week of the month with only school, church, piano lesson, and basketball!  Yay!

Well, today was a little busier as it started with Katherine participating in the Oklahoma Baptist Area Keyboard Festival held in Idabel at Trinity  Baptist Church then a basketball game at 1pm in Broken Bow.

Yes, it's been an ACTIVE month for us, but I'm NOT complaining!  Life is good, and we are extremely BLESSED!