Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine Memories

I have never been one who has cared much for Valentine's Day. When I was younger I managed to be sick every valentine's with strep throat or something like it. I remember my mom making cupcakes and taking them to my elementary school valentine parties while I stayed home sick. Now, I am not sure whether that influenced my opinion of Valentine's Day or not. My husband likes to say I don't like anything romantic or sentimental. I don't think his statement is totally true, but there are times he can build a good case for it.

I do have good childhood memories of valentine's day and those came from my dad. He would always give me and my brother and sister a card and candy on valentine's day. To this day I treasure those memories. It wasn't the gift of candy, but the love behind it that made the gift so great. I felt special and loved.

Wes (who is the thoughtful romantic) has always done something for me and our kids. This year he was no different. Our valentine's day began like any other day with Sebastian standing beside our bed telling me he was hungry and thirsty. Wes woke up "The Princess" and the four of us went into the kitchen where Wes presented the kids with their valentines. He handed me a card and the treasure hunt began. Wes had hidden clues with small gifts attached to each clue to my big valentine gift. (See I told you he was the romantic one!) Once again it wasn't the gift, even though I got a pink ipod & accessories, but the love behind it made it so special.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008