Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kenney Christmas 2011

Here are a few photos from our Christmas at church, at home, in Marietta, OK, and in Muskogee, OK.  Enjoy.

Sebastian as a shepherd as the kids reenact the Christmas story as Dr. Bob Pearle reads from the Gospels.

Katherine as an angel on Christmas morning at Birchman Baptist Church as Dr. Bob Pearle reads the Christmas story from the gospels.

Katherine & Sebastian on Christmas morning at our home in Hurst, Texas.

Taylor, Wes, and Claudia Banks (Wes's Granny) in Marietta, OK.

Roy & Faye with Katherine & Sebastian at the Christmas celebration for Granny Banks (Claudia) at the nursing home in Marietta, OK, on December 23, 2011.

Granny Banks

Wes, Granny Banks, &  Billy

Kyle Martich, Sebastian & Katherine. 3 of Granny's great-grandkids.

Roy, Faye, Katherine, & Sebastian

Billy, Taylor, Katherine, & Sebastian

Wes, Roy, Faye, Taylor, Billy, Debra, Sebastian & Katherine

Things we did in December

~Celebrated the birth of Jesus
~Visited Pecan Manor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
~Attended a Keith & Kristen Getty concert on their  Joy, An Irish Christmas tour
~Attended North Richland Hills Baptist Church's  Christmas on the Boulevard
~Enjoyed a visit from friends from Oklahoma
~Celebrated the end of Wes' first semester in the Master of Divinity Program at SWBTS
~Attended Katherine's first Winter Piano Recital
~Celebrated Sebastian's 7th Birthday
~Attended the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas on the Boulevard at North Richland Hills Baptist Church

On Saturday evening, December 10th, the kids and I with some friends attended North Richland Hills Baptist Church's Christmas on the Boulevard.

Sebastian's 7th Birthday Celebrations

Sebastian was blessed with the opportunity to celebrate this birthday with friends from Texas and Oklahoma.  He partied at Chuck E Cheese with some dear friends of the family (here); another celebration involving pizza with friends from Oklahoma at CiCi's in Paris, Texas; and then a small party with cake at our house before being surprised with dinner at Medieval Times.  

It was awesome to see Sebastian together with his friends, especially those he had not seen in several months.  A special 'Thank You' to our Oklahoma friends who came to meet us and surprise Sebastian & Katherine.

Micah, Sebastian, & Ryan

RaeliJo & Katherine
Wes, Debra, Sebastian, Dean, & Katherine *


*copywrite 2000 Medieval Times

Monday, December 19, 2011

Enjoying Birchman Baptist Church

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Wes, Katherine, Sebastian and I are enjoying our Birchman church family.  The kids have made friends and are involved in Sunday school,  RA's (Royal Ambassadors) and GA's (Girls in Action).  Sebastian is learning the RA Pledge and once he's memorized it he'll earn his vest.  The first night he attended the class was building race cars.  An older boy (who turned out to be in Katherine's Sunday school class) helped Sebastian build his race car. Sebastian was so excited when I picked him up that night.  The next week his class raced their cars.  He won his first race and lost the second, but he had a great time.

Katherine is enjoying her GA class too.  In October they studied how God tells us to help the poor.  She learned about the ministry of a WorldCraftsSM artisan group in Southeast Asia. She also discovered how she can make a difference through WorldCrafts.  Her GA class hosted a WorldCrafts party in December where ladies of the church were invited to come and learn about the WorldCrafts vision and purchase handcrafted, fair-trade products from artisans spanning the globe. The girls provided the snacks. 

Wes and I love our respective Sunday school classes too.  God has used the ladies in my class to teach me so much already.  God is convicting, challenging, growing, and molding me.  Some weeks it's hard to hear, but oh what a blessing when I receive it!

Last night was Christmas family night at Birchman and it was such a blessing to see our pastor & his wife, Dr. Bob & Mrs. Deborah Pearle, and our Minister of Worship/Music & his wife, Philip and Angela Griffin, host the children up on the platform where they sang Christmas carols; Deborah Pearle read We Believe in Christmas by Karen Kingsbury; and  Dr. Pearle closed with having the children help him build the manger scene while telling them about Jesus' birth.  It was evident that the Pearle's and Griffin's adored these children and once again gave me another reason to be thankful God brought us to Birchman.

Sebastian is the kid in the blue sitting in front of the monitor.  Katherine is sitting next to him, but you can't see her.  She's in front of the girl in the red.

Winter Recital

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let the Celebration Begin!

 Sebastian got to have an early birthday celebration at Chuck E Cheese's this week with his friends Jim & Sara Barber.

That cute little boy will be 7 on December 21st.