Friday, September 29, 2006

Sebastian's name

On occasion I am asked how Wes and I came up with the name Sebastian. Here is the story behind our precious son's name.

Wes, Katherine, and I lived in Wynnewood, and Wes was the Youth & Music Minister of First Baptist Church. The Soutee's (an active family within our church and youth group) hosted a young man, Sebastian Hohenester, from Munich, Germany during the 2003-2004 school year. Sebastian became an active part of our church youth group, and Katherine fell in love with him. She, along with just about every girl in town, thought Sebastian was the cutest person ever! He has blond hair, blue eyes, an accent, and is so polite. How could it not be love at first sight!

During the school year we had many opportunities to get to know Sebastian Hohenester. Sebastian was the punter and field goal kicker for the Wynnewood Savages football team. While Wes spent many hours painting the football field Sebastian was practicing his kicks, and they developed a friendship. They would also play tennis together. Katherine and I had the pleasure of getting to know him through church activities. On Sunday evenings after church we would take the students to eat pizza. Sebastian would come with us. He would also come over with Matt Soutee and play video games with Wes. Through all this Katherine really began to feel very comfortable around Sebastian. Once Wes and I were at a basketball game and had to leave for a short period of time. Another church member volunteered to let Katherine sit with her while we left. When Wes and I arrived back at the basketball game, we discovered that during the hour we were gone Katherine was only happy when sitting with Sebastian. She had him wrapped around her finger and she loved him so. By the end of the school year, Katherine would tell you that Sebastian was her boyfriend.

After Wes and I found out that I was pregnant with a little boy we began the process of choosing a name. This was really hard for us, because we could never agree. One afternoon Wes and I were sitting on the couch talking about names. Katherine came in and asked us what we were doing. Wes explained we were coming up with names for her baby bother. With every name we suggested Katherine would shake her head no, so Wes finally asked Katherine what she would name her brother. She thought for a minute and said "Sebastian". And that is how my son got is name.

In May 2005, Sebastian H. met Sebastian K., and Katherine had her two favorite Sebastian's!

Katherine & The Tricycle

Katherine and Sebastian have been keeping me very busy. In fact, I've been so busy that I just haven't had time to post in a while. When I've had a few minutes to turn the computer on I usually get to my email and maybe read Wes' blog before one or both kids are yelling for my attention. There's always something!

In my last post I talked about Wes and I trying to teach Katherine how to ride her new bicycle. Here is what has taken place since... I parked the princess bicycle and decided it was time to try another approach. I knew once she got the hang of consistently pedaling that she would then have no problems with the bicycle. At least this was my hope! So with this new strategy in mind, I had Wes get the big red tricycle out. (This was a Christmas gift last year.) Wes had to make a few adjustments to the seat, add air to the tires, and unhooked the wagon that was attached to the back. I started pushing the tricycle and reminding her to pedal. She finally began to get the hang of it. Once she was pedaling on her own, I challenged her to a race back to the driveway. She took the bait, and she was off. She mastered the tricycle, but she wants to pull Sebastian in the wagon attached to the tricycle before she rides the bike. Now I am wondering what I have gotten myself into!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Katherine is in the process of learning how to ride her new princess bicycle. Through this process I am seeing how much my daughter is truly like her mother. After a few adjustments of the seat and training wheels, Katherine was ready to go! Wes and I began to explain that she had to keep pedaling or she would stop. Katherine will pedal once or twice then stop. She said "I can't get it, I'm done." Most of you know where she got that attitude from. Wes kept working with her while I played with Sebastian on Katherine's tricycle. At one point, Wes suggested she stand up on the pedals. (He thought it would help get her started, as it did for him when he was a kid.) Katherine attempts to stand up but stops and says "This makes me nervous!" Wes looked over at me and smiled. Oh how I could see myself!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Katherine & Jonah

On Sunday evenings at church, Wes has been preaching through the book of Jonah. Now Katherine sits in the service with me on Sunday nights and is usually busy coloring when her daddy gets up to preach. This particular Sunday night she was tired and decided to sit in my lap. As Wes got up to begin preaching, I opened her bible to the book of Jonah. I knew Katherine knew the story of Jonah, so I explained that her daddy would be preaching about Jonah. She so innocently looked at me and whispered "How does my daddy know about Jonah?". I smiled and explained because it was in the bible.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Favorite Time of Year

One of my favorite times of the year has arrived... College Football Season!!! I grew up in Texas where football is a BIG deal. Not to mention, my father is a huge Dallas Cowboy fan, and I have two uncle's who played college football. I could either hate football or embrace it. I admit for a time I did not embrace it, but by the time I hit high school I found myself enjoying the game. After high school I discovered I missed going to football games and thus began my appreciation for college football. It still took several years, but I began to fall for the college football rivalry. Being from Texas the big rivalry was University of Texas vs Texas A & M. I began to cheer for the Aggies. I had several friends who where attending there, and one who even played some football for them. Texas A & M was just a school I had always been interested in, but it was not where I choose to attend college. I am not a true Aggie, but am an Aggie at heart! Gig'em Aggies!!!

Katherine and Sebastian are my little aggies in trainning. Katherine can already sing the whole Aggie War Hymn. She was able to recongize the A & M logo before she was two. When Sebastian was born, he was delivered by an Aggie! Katherine has been helping me cheer on the Aggies for several seasons now, and this year Sebastian can join us. Katherine and I have been teaching him the Gig'em hand signal. He's just about got it!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Deb's Day

Today I turned 34! I was awakened this morning by my beautiful daughter, Katherine Grace, who wished me happy birthday (after her daddy whispered a reminder in her ear). What a sweet way to start off my special day. Katherine expressed to Wes that the two of them were to make me a chocolate cake topped with chocolate icing, which they did this afternoon. All through out the day Katherine talked about what a special day it was and wished me happy birthday. Tonight my family sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and then we all enjoyed a piece of very rich chocolate cake. I had a wonderful birthday!!