Friday, July 31, 2009

Watermelon Festival

For the last three years Trinity Baptist Church of Valliant, Oklahoma has made fans and given them away at the Watermelon Festival held at the Valliant City Park. The last two years we've given the opportunity for kids to make watermelon picture frames and magnets. Everything we provide is free of charge to the public. Our goal is to let the people of Valliant know we care and love them, and we, as a church, are here for them.

Sebastian and Ryan cooling off with a snow cone!

Sebastian and Ryan handing out TBC fans.

Raeli and Katherine found the face painting booth.

Trinity's pastor. (Yes, that's his iPhone in his hands. I believe he was twittering!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Summertime Photos

They are such a blessing! We love them so!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

June's Main Adventures

This year as Wes, the kids, and I headed off for the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, we prayed for safe travel and an uneventful trip. Now, if you are wondering why we wanted an uneventful trip please read here.

Katherine and Sebastian began their grand adventure after we arrived in Franklin, Tennessee. While Wes and I would be heading onto Louisville, KY, they would be staying with Wes's Aunt Sara and her daughter, Lee, for the week. They took a trip to northern Indiana where Dan (Sara's husband) was producing a play. They were joined by Dan & Sara's son, Glen, and his fiance' for Father's Day weekend. The kids had a blast with Dan, Sara, Lee, Glen, and Angela.

Wes and I arrived in Louisville on Saturday, June 20th without any incident. Well, that is until we checked into our hotel. We checked in and were in our room about five minutes when Wes found a used personal item on the floor next to the bed. Needless to say we were moved and compensated with a better room.

On Father's Day we attended New Salem Baptist Church in Cox Creek, KY, where our friend Richard McPheeters is pastor. Wes and Richard served together in Cyril, OK, about eight years ago. We enjoyed worshiping with that church and the great fellowship of friends afterward.

As always, the days of pastor's conference and the SBC annual meeting kept us busy. We enjoyed taking care of the SBC business as well as reconnecting with friends from all over the world. We didn't get much sleep, but it was sure fun and worth every minute.

Wes and I headed back to Franklin, TN, Wednesday night to see our precious kiddo's. We peeked in on them and woke them up once we arrived. It was good to be back with them, and their smiles said it all!