Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

Already two weeks?

Katherine's been out of school for two weeks now and we've been busy! The day after school was out we headed to a mall so Katherine could have her ears pierced. (You can read about it in the previous post.) The next day we met Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Billy at the lake where we enjoyed their lake toys (wave runners, tube, & boat). Two days later we were back visiting a mall with a Build-a-Bear so Sebastian's new dog, also named Sebastian, could be repaired. We made a stop into H-E-B's Central Market where we picked up a few items for home. Somehow we managed not to stop in to IKEA, but that was probably because by then we were out of money!

Now if you're keeping track, it's only been four days since Katherine's been out of school and we've made two trips to the Dallas area with another day driving three hours to spend at the lake with family. I dare say we are on our way to living the summer in the car! Thankfully we spent the next week mostly at home!

Last weekend we upgraded to a new and much larger swimming pool. We spent most of last weekend and this week working on getting the pool where we could swim in it. The pool is a wonderful addition to our back yard as well as the new patio cover. We are very thankful and are looking forward to spending a good bit of our time enjoying our back yard this summer.

Well, that is, when we're home!