Saturday, October 31, 2009


I love visiting the IKEA store, but I can't say the name without thinking of the Chia Pet commercials.

We just refreshed the kids rooms with some furniture from IKEA. Enjoy the pictures (my apologies for the blurriness of the first one).

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It was three weeks ago that Wes began working really hard to clear out all the weeds and mulch in the flower bed that surrounds the front and side of our house. He was putting down a weed barrier and replacing the mulch with river pebble rocks. He was doing a great job until he ran out of rocks.

Earlier this week Wes borrowed a trailer and picked up some more rocks. This time we found them locally and the price was much cheaper!

The kids pitched in a little help to get this project complete, and they had some fun too!

It is finished, and we are TIRED!!!!!!!

Today we'll be watching some college football. Cheering on Wes's favorite team...the Kansas Jawhawks! And, they happen to be playing Wes's least favorite team....the Sooners.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday Family Time

Saturday was a beautiful fall day, and in the midst of watching a lot of college football we took time to enjoy playing outside. We played a couple games using a parachute, and Wes helped the kids launch some rocket balloons. The kids rode around on their tricycles, bikes, little cars, and scooter.

Last week I had picked up some autumn shaped cookie cutters, so we decided we would make sugar cookies to take to church for our after church meal on Sunday. Katherine helped me make the dough, and Sebastian showed up briefly to help cut out the cookies. Katherine stayed with me throughout the whole process. We even worked together in getting them iced. She did the main icing coat, while I added a few details to help the cookies look like the leaves they were supposed to be. She and I were proud of our work. Wes and Sebastian were our tasters, and according to them they were great. They had several samples. :-)

Here is Katherine showing off our hard work...

Saturday was fun and special, because we were enjoying being together as a family. I love spending time with Wes, Katherine, and Sebastian!!!!! God has blessed me with a terrific family (immediate & extended), and I'm so grateful!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Enjoying Fall

Last Monday the kids and I enjoyed playing outside.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I am tired of pretending I have it all together. I don't. I struggle spiritually. I don't read my bible daily as I should, and my prayer time usually takes place in the shower. I've started more personal bible studies than I can count and I think I've only finished one. I am a minister's wife, and I struggle to tell people where to find verses or stories in the bible. I struggle with bitterness and anger. I yell at my kids, and say things I shouldn't. I give in to gossip. I have financial problems. I show up with a bad attitude and spread it to others. I'm selfish. I am a sinner!

The good news is God sent Jesus to earth to die on a cross for the sins of the world. Then He rose from the grave, so those who confess with their mouth and believe in their hearts can be saved. (Matthew 1:18-25; Mark 15 & 16; Romans 10:9-13)

I'm not the spiritual prayer warrior I want to be. I don't have the spiritual maturity, wisdom, and knowledge that comes with studying the Bible daily, but I want these in my life. I desire to be broken for change in my life. I desire to be a godly wife and mother to my husband and two precious kids. I desire to be part of a prayer meeting where each one of us is united in prayer with a brokenness for each other and the unsaved of our families, friends, and others around the world.

Let's get real and honest!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TV Show, Smelly Dishrag, & A Lesson

Sebastian was running around the house in his Superman pajamas, and Katherine was lying on the couch watching TV. Extreme Makeover Home Edition was now playing on the living room and kitchen TV's. I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes and feeling frustrated. The dishrag I picked up to use was old and smelly. It had been washed, and I'd only used it once. I began thinking how I needed to purchase more kitchen dishrags, and about how it seemed there is always something that we need. I was bummed that I don't have all the things I need want.

It was about that time I started watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. All of the sudden God reminded me how much I do have. I saw the conditions the family was living in and realized I've never had to live in conditions such as those. Here I am feeling frustrated over a smelly dishrag while standing in a beautiful home provided by God. At that moment I stood in my kitchen and began to thank God for the situation I'm in rather than complaining about it, smelly dishrags and all!

God continued to bring to my mind all the ways He's provided and blessed our family and extended family. I praise Him for His sinless life, dying on the cross for the sins of man, rising from the dead, and saving my poor wretched soul.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Dress Up

Wes and I LOVE them SO MUCH!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Big Plans Equal Hard Labor Then Relaxation & College Football

It's been a busy day at the Kenney residence. When Wes and I woke up we had big plans for our day. Wes began working on cleaning up our flower bed, so we could replace the mulch in the flower bed with river pebble rocks. He worked really hard until we ran out of rocks, so next week one of us will be making a trip back to Home Depot in Paris. Anyway, I had big plans to clean and organize inside the house, but the kids and I ended up at the store (and that's all I'm saying on that subject). By the time the kids and I arrived home we decided to relax with a pregame movie and snack.

At 6:30PM we'll be tuned to ESPN 2 for the Arkansas Razorback/Texas A&M game being played at the new Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Gig'em!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Blocked? (or Something)

There are many things floating around in my little mind, but nothing seems to be coming out when I sit down to blog. I must have a case of writer's block or something. When this has happened before I always try to at least post pictures of the kids; however, I haven't been taking many of those recently. What few pictures I have taken I've used in tweets on twitter. I am hoping some of you haven't actually looked at those, so I can post them below! :-) Here's my favorite...

I'm sure you can figure out why this one was my favorite.
The next one is Sebastian enjoying Katherine's piano lesson a couple weeks ago.

I REALLY LOVE my kiddo's.