Monday, October 22, 2012


Sebastian scored his first-ever goal in a hockey game this week. I think he was more excited than his parents, but only by a little. He's #2 in black. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

33 Days and Counting....

The kids have been back to school for 33 days now, and we are enjoying our year.  Katherine is in the 5th grade and Sebastian is in 2nd grade.  They are doing well, and Wes and I are very proud of them.

We've started our local park day with other homeschoolers and already been on a couple field trips with several SWBTS homeschoolers.   

Sebastian has finished his Saturday learn to skate hockey lessons and is now part of Dallas Stars Youth Hockey.  He has practices three times a week and will find out what team he is on next week.  He will get to play weekly games and one game will be played at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, where the Dallas Stars play,  sometime during the hockey season.  He loves being on the ice and is learning a great deal.

Katherine is taking ballet once a week and loving it.  She is learning something new each week and constantly dancing around.

Katherine is not taking piano lessons for the first time in four years, but she is still playing.  She needed a break, and Wes and I thought it best to allow her to do so.

Katherine is involved in Girls in Action at church on Sunday evenings as well as Bible Drill and Activate on Wednesday nights.

Sebastian is involved in Royal Ambassadors on Sunday evenings and Activate on Wednesday.  He will also take part in a new believers class called You're a Christian, Now What? on Sundays for the next 4 weeks.

Wes and I are constantly amazed at how Katherine and Sebastian are growing and changing daily.  They are such blessings, and we are extremely blessed to be their parents.  We love them so much and are proud of them.