Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is She Really Old Enough for Camp? Um, yes!

Yesterday I helped my precious first born, Katherine, pack her bags to attend her first Children's Camp at Lakeview Baptist Assembly in Lonestar, Texas!  At around 11:15 AM Wes loaded Katherine's things into his car and the two of them headed to Trinity Baptist Church in Idabel, Oklahoma, where Katherine would join her friends and the rest of the group.  When they arrived in the parking lot she was off to see her friends.  It never occurred to her to get her bags out of the car, but thankfully her dad reminded her she was forgetting something! 

Throughout the day yesterday and today I've been praying for Katherine and all those present at Lakeview Baptist Assembly, but as I've been praying for them I've been reminded that I should be praying for Katherine everyday with the same passion I've been praying for her over the last twenty-four hours.*

I'm praying she'll come home with a deeper understanding of God, her relationship with Him, and desire to obey Him.  I want to see her come home with a passion for her Lord and Savior.  I want her to have a "mountain top experience" while at camp, and I want to hear what God has taught her at camp. I will listen with anticipation as she shares with me, and even though I can't experience that "mountain top experience" with her I can be excited with her about what God did in her life and encourage her.

I can't wait until noon on Friday to hear all about what God taught my baby girl during 3 days at camp, along with all the fun girly girl stories that go along with any camp experience! :-)

*(Please don't miss my point...I do pray daily for my daughter, but my intensity over the last twenty-four hours has been much stronger & that's the point I'm wanting to make here.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Way to Go Katherine!

I want to brag on my daughter, Katherine.  She decided to continue her piano lessons through the summer this year, which she has NOT wanted to do the last two years she's been taking piano lessons.

She's been practicing on her own without me reminding her for awhile now, but she's practicing more than what her piano teacher is asking her to as well as looking ahead in her book.  This week her piano teacher complemented her on how she could skip a few songs in her lesson book as she could already play them. She received compliments that she's doing excellent on learning the chromatic scale and how she just gets octaves and intervals. 

I am exceptionally proud of her, her love for music, and her desire to worship God through music.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video Delay

Okay,, yeah, I still haven't posted more video.  I don't remember what happened the weekend I was planning on finishing it up, but it got crazy and it's been that way since.  Not sure when I'll get back to the video editing, and I have several video projects to finish too!