Saturday, June 24, 2006

Two Day Vacation

We took a family trip to Muskogee, Oklahoma where the kids had a wonderful time with their grandparents. On Thursday evening the kids went swimming in the pool after it quit raining. Friday we loaded up the kids, food, and wave runners and went to the lake. It was a wonderful time for all. Wes and I played with the lake toys, while grandparents had the pleasure of being entertained by Katherine and Sebastian! I think the grandparents were tired by the time we left. Katherine and Sebastian kept them very busy!

More pictures of our trip and entertaining stories to come. However, tonight I am going to bed!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sebastian story

This was the scene on Monday night when I checked in on Sebastian before I headed to bed. Isn't he cute and precious? And yes, I know!

I must share a funny story about Sebastian and yesterday. When Raeli and Ryan arrived Sebastian was still sleeping. Just after they came inside Sebastian woke up. As he came out of his room he saw me, Raeli, Ryan, Katherine, and Cyndi all standing in the kitchen. Sebastian turned right around and headed back into his room onto his bed. It was almost as if he thought "I don't think so...maybe I should go back to bed!" Cyndi and I laughed at his facial expression and reaction. This is probably one of those moments where you need to have been there to really experience the humor of the situation, but I couldn't help but share it anyway.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Best Friends

Katherine and Sebastian had their friends from church over today, Raeli Jo and Ryan Frunk. Raeli and Katherine think of themselves as best friends most of the time. They are two months apart in age. Raeli turned four last week, and Katherine will be four in August. They are both 'big' sisters, and the age difference between them and their younger brothers is just about the same too. Ryan and Sebastian are three months apart.

I had the four of them today! It was an interesting afternoon. The girls played together in the girls room, while the boys basicly played independently. However, with the girls there was drama all afternoon. One minute they were best friends and the next they didn't want to play together at all. Honestly, Katherine was being rather bossy, so I don't blame Raeli for not wanting to play with her. However, later it was Raeli's turn to return the orders!

All in all the four kids got along rather well, and I think Raeli and Katherine parted as friends. Tomorrow is another day!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Wes has made it home! Katherine, Sebastian, and I are thrilled that Wes has made it safety back to us. He arrived Friday night around 9 PM, later than we all wanted, but home no less! Katherine and Sebastian had made welcome home signs with my help. We had planned to have them outside in the yard, but since it was rainning they remained inside on the wall. Either way Katherine was proud of her signs for her dad. Katherine kept telling me she wanted to hide and surprise her dad when he came home. However, all Wes had to do was say Katherine's name and she came running! Sebastian was right behind her too! It is wonderful to have us all home!

Friday, June 16, 2006

On the way HOME!

Katherine, Sebastian, and I survived the week without Wes! He will be home today! Katherine, Sebastian, and I are so thrilled that Wes is on his way home. Yesterday he drove from Greensboro, NC to Franklin, TN where he spent the night with family. He took Glen and Katie, his cousin and cousin's girlfreind, out to dinner last night. When the kids and I spoke to him last, he was headed back to go to bed. He should be driving home as I write.

Wes said he had a good week, and seems to be recharged spiritually. I am looking forward to getting all the details of the convention from him and hearing what God has shown him this past week.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Sleeping Prince & Princess

The sleeping prince and princess above managed to kick their favorite mom out of her king size bed! This was the scene two nights ago. Katherine had fallen asleep in my bed while I was finishing up something in another room. My back had been a little sore, so I decided not to move her. I crawled in on the other side and went to sleep. Several hours later, I woke up to hear Sebastian crying in his room. I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't want to sit with him in his room until he fell back asleep. I elected to let him lay next to me and fall asleep. He went right to sleep, and I got up because I still wasn't feeling well. When I came back to bed I discovered that two little children can take up most of a king size bed. I guess they thought I wouldn't mind sleeping in an "L" shaped position at the bottom of the bed. I managed to squeeze myself back into bed. However, I was so tired when Sebastian woke up around 6:15 AM. The next night my two beautiful children were in their own beds, and I slept so much better!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kids Pool

Katherine and Sebastian got a pool last weekend to keep cool. As you can see from the picture they have a great time playing in the water. Sebastian's main goal is to have every toy out of the water or in the smaller section of the pool. He doesn't like to sit down in the water much and does NOT like to have the palm tree spray water! Katherine loves to have me splash water on the slide, so she can slide down it easier. Sebastian thinks the slide is for climing up and out! Both concepts keep me very busy!

This picture was taken last week when Wes was around to help. I learned how to get the water emptied out and the pool put back into the storage building, which was a bigger job than I realized. Normally, Wes takes care of emptying the pool while I take care of the kids. After trying to pick the pool up, still being mostly full of water, I called Wes for help! He then explained a rather simple concept to me of standing on one of the corners while the water runs over my feet untill I can pick it up and turn the pool over. What a concept huh?

Now that I have discovered how to empty the pool, the kids I find it a great way to end our afternoons.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wes' Venture

Katherine, Sebastian, and I have been on our own since about noon on Thursday. Wes is traveling to the Southern Baptist Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has done a little family visiting while on the road too. Wes stopped in Little Rock Thursday night to spend some time with my brother and sister, Dean and Diane. It was Diane's 26th birthday, so they all went out to celebrate. Wes was then onto Franklin, Tennessee to spend the night with his aunt and her family. Today is traveling again, but tonight will be in a hotel before heading onto Greensboro Sunday afternoon. Wes is truly looking forward to his week ahead. The kids and I look forward to his safe return home!

Friday, June 09, 2006


Katherine and Sebastian take afternoon naps. The schedule usually is right after lunch they take a nap. Sebastian is almost always ready to go right to sleep. Katherine however is never tired or at least that is what she thinks. Anyway, on Wednesday I took Sebastian into his room and did the normal nap time routine. After I walked out of the room, I heard him get up. I decided to head into the bathroom before going back into Sebastian's room. (Now, you need to know I keep the baby monitor on the counter in my bathroom.) Before I knew it Katherine comes into the bathroom turns the monitor on and says "Mom, Sebastian is up and I turned the monitor on so you could hear!" I decided to thank her for her help and let her know I would take care of Sebastian in just a couple minutes. It was really very funny!

It did take several times of me putting Sebastian back into his bed that afternoon, but he and Katherine did get their naps!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Princess Room

Katherine loves her new room. She loves being able to keep Sebastian out of her closet where her toys are, and yet she loves having Sebastian play in her room with her. Sebastian likes Katherine's bed, as it is lower than the one previously in that room. Katherine is slowly getting use to Sebastian having his own room. She still thinks she has as much control over things in his room as hers. She wasn't real happy with me when I moved the furniture around in his room.

As I stated in the last post, Katherine's princess style bedroom will be a work in progress over the summer. I did drape some pink, purple, and off white thule across the headboard of her bed, which has made her very happy. Katherine told me today she wants her daddy and I to paint her room. I am guessing...Pink! I'm not sure on that project just yet. However, I do have several painting projects to keep me busy. I want to paint her dresser, which was my mom's built for her by her dad. I think I will paint it white to match the bed. I also have a couple of shelves that I want to paint. I have come up with a cute idea for a lamp too, if I can find all the items to decorate it. Plus, I am on the lookout for bedding for Katherine's queen size bed.

I will keep udating our progress and any other interesting stories provided by Katherine or Sebastian.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Growing Up

Wes and I have been busy working on Katherine's new bedroom. She has been sleeping in our guest room during the afternoon nap, and she has gotten used to sleeping in the 'big' bed. Wes and I decided that it was time to let her have her own room. When we moved into our current house Katherine specifically asked to share a room with Sebastian. She still likes the idea, but it makes sense for her to have her own room. We had a black four post metal frame bed in our storage building that Wes painted white for Katherine. We are planning on making her bed a princess style bed between now and her birthday. It will be a work in progress until then. Today we did get the bed set up, and she is thrilled. Tomorrow comes the task of moving her clothes and toys to her new room.

Sebastian is also growing into a new room. Wes and I put the baby bed in which Sebastian was sleeping into the storage building. Sebastian is now sleeping in Katherine's old toddler bed. (Katherine thinks this is cool, but she reserves the right to take it back when visitors come!) I have placed his crib mattress on the floor beside the toddler bed in case he fell out. However, last night he stayed next to the wall! Sebastian is looking forward to getting the pink toys out of his room. (At least that is what his dad is looking forward to)

Wes and I hope to have both rooms finished by Katherine's birthday in August. If you wish to donate to this project feel free to contact Wes or I anytime.

Will post a picture of bedroom at a later time.