Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Snow White & Friends (Pictures)

On Wednesday, October 31st the kids and I attended the fall festival block party held at First Baptist Church Valliant. Several of the churches in the community participated, and Katherine saw many of her friends from school.

Pooh & Snow White (aka...Sebastian & Katherine)

Adrien, Katherine, and Channah

Channah, Katherine, and Abby

Katherine, Abby, and Channah

Katherine and Laura

Storybook Carnival

The Swink Public School has a Storybook Carnival for the Early Childhood program instead of celebrating Halloween. During the month of October Katherine's kindergarten class read Mother Goose nursery rhymes and stories. Each child was encouraged to dress up as a story book character. Katherine chose to dress up as 'Miss Jane' from the following nursery rhyme...
Miss Jane had a bag and a mouse was in it;
She opened the bag, he was out in a minute.
The cat saw him jump and run under the table,
And the dog said:"Catch him, Puss, soon as you're able."

Katherine is holding her bag with the mouse in it. She picked out the nursery rhyme from her Mother Goose book and decided what dress up outfit she would wear. I was very proud of her!

Here she is entering the gym.

Katherine at the spider ring toss

I set up the Humpty Dumpty Puzzle booth. I took poster board and drew (or should I say traced) a picture of Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall. I then cut up the poster board into puzzle pieces for the kids to put together.

Katherine and her friend, Channah, are putting together the Humpty Dumpty puzzle.

Katherine at the 'Johnny Appleseed' booth

Katherine and her class at the storybook candy walk.

Katherine picking a duck for prizes.

Katherine getting ready to bowl.

Katherine's class and all their goodies!