Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Watermelon Festival (Day Two)

Saturday began early with our church having a men's breakfast. Otis Cayton, a former pastor of Trinity and the association's current Director of Missions, gave a short devotion while the men enjoyed their breakfast.

Around 9 AM the Watermelon Festival parade got underway. The parade ended at the Valliant Park and people began pouring into the park for the festival. It was amazing the see that amount of people coming in and our church booth was near one of the entrances. We knew it wouldn't be a problem to give away all our fans. The fans were gone by 1 PM! More people would walk over to receive a fan and and then realized they could register to win a digital camera. At the end of the afternoon, approximately 200 people had registered for the digital camera and all the fans were gone! The camera giveaway was drawn during the gospel concert Saturday night, and a 10 year old girl from nearby Millerton, Oklahoma, won.

One of the goals for our church during this weekend was to show our community that we are here for them. I believe we accomplished that goal. We were also looking for new contacts. There were between 40-50 people who admitted on the registration form that they didn't attend a church regularly, so that gives our church a good starting point.

Wes, the kids, and I enjoyed the festival and the free watermelon!

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