Thursday, August 02, 2007

For My Husband

Yesterday was my man's birthday. He woke up and was out of the house before the kids and I woke up, but once we were up we gave him a Happy Birthday phone call. Katherine and Sebastian sang 'Happy Birthday' with me singing along too! Later Katherine couldn't wait to give him his birthday card, which she had made. I think Katherine was more excited that it was her daddy's birthday than he was, but she had enough excitement for us all.

Wes' birthday didn't go as I had planned, and I feel very bad. I want to take the time on this blog to let him know how much I love him, and how glad I am that he came into this world some years ago. (A loving wife would never give away his age :-) Here's a hint: he is 13 months and 2 days older than I.) I am so thankful to have a husband who loves me as much as he does. Wes puts up with all my faults and rarely complains to me about them. I cannot say I do the same. He is much more of a romantic than I am. He thinks of little things like bringing me a Dr.Pepper back from the store just because he knows I like Dr. Pepper. He'll pop home on an afternoon and tell me to go to the store while he watches the kids. He'll help wash the laundry if I've gotten behind. (Then again, that could be because he needs clothes to wear!) He makes me laugh; holds me when I need to cry; encourages me; listens to me; and most of all still loves me when I mess up and don't make his favorite birthday cake! I am so blessed to have Wes Kenney as my husband!

As always, I am late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY WES!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! :-)

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