Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Good Day

Today Sebastian is having a blast with his friend, Ryan. The boys played all morning; enjoyed a morning a snack; played some more; had lunch; played again; and finally I asked them to take a nap. I pulled out the trundle bed, and Sebastian gave Ryan one of his monkeys to sleep with. I sat between them and rubbed their backs until Ryan fell asleep. They were so cute that I couldn't help but take their picture. (Sebastian wasn't actually asleep yet, but he did finally go to sleep.)

Katherine arrived home after school, and she and Ryan enjoyed a snack (Scooby Doo gummies) while Sebastian finished his nap.

All of us will venture out for mine and Katherine's hair appointment a little later.

Update: The hair appointment went very well. All the kiddo's did great. I was very proud of how well the boys were especially since we were there 45 minutes. (Most of the time was spent waiting since it only took about 10-15 minutes for both of us to have our hair cut.) On the way home I stopped at the store, so the kids could get a kool-aide and bag of M&M's since they behaved so well. They enjoyed the drink and candy and then spent time playing outside. It was a good day!


Diana said...

Aren't they just cute!?!?!?!?! Ryan never takes a nap for me like that. What's your secret?

Debra Kenney said...

No secret..I think the boys just played hard and maybe Ryan got up earlier than normal? Honestly I wasn't sure Ryan would fall asleep, so the fact he fell asleep first was a surprise.