Thursday, December 30, 2010

He's Six!

Sebastian turned 6 on Tuesday, December 21, 2010.  Wes, Katherine, Sebastian, and I met Grandpa Homer, Marie, Aunt Diane, and Jon Mason at Chuck E. Cheese's in Longview, Texas, to celebrate Sebastian's birthday.  We had a terrific time playing games; eating pizza; playing more games; opening presents; playing games again; & collecting tickets.  Oh, did I mention we had 160 game tokens to use, so yeah, we played A LOT of games.  Wes, Diane, Jon, and I played a little skee-ball.  There was a little competition, but unfortunately Wes came out the winner. I think Jon was second with Diane & I in a tie for last!

Papa Verne, Grandma Linda, Aunt Julia, and Uncle Scott arrived Christmas night and stayed until Tuesday, December 28th.  On Monday night we celebrated Sebastian's birthday with them by having his birthday dinner, which is a tradition in Grandma Linda's family and something they did for Katherine this summer when we were in Michigan.  Since it was Sebastian's birthday dinner that meant he picked what we had for dinner that night.  His choice was....
hot dogs, cheetos, & cantaloupe. We enjoyed an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for dessert. 

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