Friday, August 16, 2013

Children's Bible Drill

 Katherine participated in Children's Bible Drill this year at our church.

(Children's Bible Drill helps children in Grades 4-6 increase in their knowledge of the Bible and in learning how to apply the Bible to their lives. Children's Bible Drill is made up of three cycles of verses and key passages that rotate over a three-year period. At the end of three years in Children's Bible Drill, children will have memorized the books of the Bible and 75 Bible verses. Children will be able to locate Bible books, verses, and 30 Key Passages.  * Taken from FBC, Euless /Bible Drill) 

She was required to memorize the books of the Bible, 25 Bible verses, and 10 key passages.  In March, she competed in our church's competition and was required to score at least 12 out of 24 points to qualify for associational competition, which she did.  At associational competition she was required to score at least 17 out of 24 to qualify for state, and she scored 20!  At state she once again did great and received an Excellent Rating for scoring 21 out of 24 points.  Wes and I are so proud of her and all her scriptural memorization. 

~The picture above is the group from our church, BBC, at the state competition at FBC, Euless.

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Anonymous said...

U go, Girl!!! Very proud of you, Kathering Grace.

Ms. Sharon