Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy Summer (Part Four)

We packed up our things into the van on Wednesday morning(June 18th) and began our trek home. After a day of being in the van, Wes and I decided to treat the kids to a night in a hotel. Now during our week and half vacation the kids had not done too much swimming, because it had been rather cool to be in the water. We decided wherever we stayed the night HAD to have a pool where the kids could swim. We found the perfect place with the perfect set up.

Wes and I had our room and the kids were in an adjoining room. The kids adjoining room was complete with a couch, table, microwave, TV, refrigerator, and two double beds.

Katherine and Sebastian thought having their own room was the coolest thing ever. They decided they were going to have their own little pajama party. I think Katherine originally said "no parents allowed", but she did let me hang out with them while Wes went to the store. We arrived early enough that we had plenty of time to swim. The pool was enclosed, but at the end of the building so it was actually open 24 hours. (I thought that was cool.) We did some swimming before dinner, after dinner, and even some before we checked out the next day. It was great!

We arrived home late Thursday night, and we were glad to be home.

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