Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Grandpa & Grammy Kenney's

One of our favorite times so far this summer was the opportunity to visit Verne Sr. & Joanne Kenney (aka great grandpa & grammy). It had been eight years since Wes and I had been to their house in Naples, Florida, and they had never had the opportunity to meet Katherine & Sebastian. We were extremely excited to be able to take extra time and see them while in Florida.

We arrived at their home on Thursday, June 17th, and that evening great grandpa took the kids out after a wonderful dinner for a ride in the golf cart around the golf course. On Friday morning Wes & his grandfather played a round of golf while Grammy & I took the kids to the beach. The kids LOVED playing in the water. Wes was a little disappointed that he wasn't with the kids the first time they went to the beach, but he was happy they enjoyed it so much. We did go back with him later.

Grammy and a friend of hers received two free tickets each to the Naples Zoo for donating blood so on Saturday morning Wes, Katherine, Sebastian, and I visited the zoo. It was hot, but we had a good time! After the zoo we met up with my college roommate, Lori Edwards, and her three kids. Lori and I chatted as Wes watched the kids color & get to know each other. By the time we ordered yogurt the kids were all friends and everyone was having a blast. By then it was getting late in the afternoon and time for us to head back so Wes & I could get cleaned up for our dinner date! The kids enjoyed alone time with grandpa & grammy while Wes & I enjoyed our night out. Grandpa let us take his Chrysler Crossfire roadster, and it was nice enough to have the top down! A great way for us to end our fun filled day!

On Sunday morning we attended First Baptist Church of Naples, FL, with the grandparents. When we were checking the kids into the kid's area at church we saw Lori and her family. We were able to met her husband briefly. Seeing them there was a nice surprise, and Lori was very helpful in helping us locate the kids after the service too. After church we enjoyed a wonderful family brunch together, and relaxing afternoon at the house. The kids (& grandparents too) took a nap, Wes studied, and I did laundry. Later in the evening Wes, the kids, and I went back to the beach where we were surprised to see large groups of stingray swimming near us.

It was time for our visit to come to an end with great grandpa & grammy on Monday morning, June 21st, as we were headed back to Orlando to Disney World, but as fun as Disney World turned out to be it couldn't compare to the wonderful time we had visiting Grandpa & Grammy Kenney!

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