Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Change of Plans

Hello from Grand Rapids, Michigan! Our week plan changed a little bit as Dean was unable to fly to DFW to pick up Katherine and Sebastian. So on Sunday morning I boarded the plane with Katherine and Sebastian to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we are having a great time. The kids were thrilled to see Papa Verne and Grandma Linda at the airport. As we came down the corridor the kids spotted their grandparents and they took off running. Katherine ran straight towards Grandma and Sebastian right to Papa. I, of course, was left behind carrying our luggage! What a precious site to see them all together and happy.

The kids were just as thrilled when we arrived at the house to see their Uncle Scott and Aunt Julia. Uncle Scott really wanted to come to the airport, but since I was along there wasn't room. (Sorry Scott!)

We are having a great time, and I will post more on our activities later when I can add pictures as well.

By the way, Wes is having a great, but busy time in San Antonio. He will be driving home Thursday.

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