Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Control issues?

When I was a psychology major in college I took several personality tests. I usually fell somewhere between a Type A & B personality on those tests. I exhibit characteristics of both. Being a wife and mother seems to have brought out more of the type A traits. For instance, it drives me nuts when my family members (mainly my husband) don't load the dishwasher in same way I do. I mean, there is only one way certain cups will fit and you should maximize how much you can fit in there.

Okay, on with my point. This afternoon Katherine and I were making cupcakes to take to church. When it came time to put the icing on the cupcakes Katherine wanted to do it herself. "Hmmm, I don't know!" was going through my mind, but I said "Sure, I'll show you how I do it." After icing the first one I turned it over to Katherine; however, I looked on with great anticipation. She, of course, wasn't doing it correctly (or to my perfection), so I gave more instruction. By the third cupcake I decided to wash the dishes sitting on the counter while Katherine finished icing the cupcakes. She then added sprinkles on top.

I did touch up a couple of the cupcakes before she added the sprinkles. They needed more icing and I couldn't help myself! Working on the control issues...

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