Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday Family Time

Saturday was a beautiful fall day, and in the midst of watching a lot of college football we took time to enjoy playing outside. We played a couple games using a parachute, and Wes helped the kids launch some rocket balloons. The kids rode around on their tricycles, bikes, little cars, and scooter.

Last week I had picked up some autumn shaped cookie cutters, so we decided we would make sugar cookies to take to church for our after church meal on Sunday. Katherine helped me make the dough, and Sebastian showed up briefly to help cut out the cookies. Katherine stayed with me throughout the whole process. We even worked together in getting them iced. She did the main icing coat, while I added a few details to help the cookies look like the leaves they were supposed to be. She and I were proud of our work. Wes and Sebastian were our tasters, and according to them they were great. They had several samples. :-)

Here is Katherine showing off our hard work...

Saturday was fun and special, because we were enjoying being together as a family. I love spending time with Wes, Katherine, and Sebastian!!!!! God has blessed me with a terrific family (immediate & extended), and I'm so grateful!

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